A Model of a Spatial Economy with Trading Posts

Munetomo Ando
Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo


Daisuke Oyama
Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo

This paper develops a framework in which exchange takes place at pairwise markets in a monetary economy with locations. In the economy there are several towns, each of which has pairwise markets characterized by trading posts. At each trading post, taking prices as given, agents submit commodities simultaneously with no resale, as opposed to an instantaneous trading in the Walrasian economy. Commodities can be transported across towns with costs. In this setting, we demonstrate that a trading center emerges in equilibrium if, and only if, heterogeneity in transportation costs among towns is large enough.
Key Words: trading post, transportation cost, concentration in transaction activities.

Economics Bulletin 18, No.1, 1-11 (2002). PDF file
First draft: April 16, 2001; this version: December 19, 2002.